Dew Drops is a center for Autistic children that aims at Nurturing and rendering Love, Care and Educational assistance. Each and every member of this place carries the vision and mission to empower children and improve their quality of life in small and big ways. Transparency, Trust and Learning are the key across all our centers. 


Our services create a sense of connectedness and bonding which adds to the experience of associating with Dew Drops. Also our methodology of teaching and the unique data collection system provides a deeper insight into the learning of the child and paves the way forward for further action. 


A journey that began in the year 2001, we have had the opportunity to work with over 2500 children and the experience has enriched our lives too as much as it has for the children and parents.


Our unique curriculum and methodology has been developed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts in collaboration with other international experts. Our services are guided by Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA Therapy which is being used internationally, has proven results.


A Board Certified behaviour Analyst and Master in Child Development with 17+ years of experience in field of special need special, counselling and educational consultancy, she has spent all the years working with children with a diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers and ADHD


  • Consulted 2500+ families till date. Currently, 250+ Children with Autism are undergoing therapy as active caseload. Significant success in speech development of children with no speech. Students who have been integrated are among the top performers in the school   

  • Extensive collection and analysis of data per child, a very unique feature of Dew Drops

  • Ex Vice-President of ABA, India

  • Was a guest consultant to AIIMS, New Delhi, India

  • Conducted multiple workshops for professionals, parents and doctors in association with RAK, NIMHANS, AIIMS, Dr BL Kapoor, Apporva Centre, NIPPCD etc etc

  • Multiple hands-On training programs for parents and professionals conducted have helped therapists & special educators train in the latest methodology with excellent results

  • Have international work exposure

  • Have attended ABA International Conference, San Antonia, TX, US in May’2010 and multiple of these in India

  • Attended Carbone Advanced/Consultant Workshop in New York, US “Guiding the Development and Implementation of an Intensive Behavioral Program for Teaching Language and Basic Learner Skills” in 2009.  

  • Attended Michelle Garcia in Grapevine, Tx, US “Thinking About Teaching and Teaching About Thinking” in 2009

  • Have taken multiple on-line courses from University of North Texas

Ms. Alpa Mahansaria

  • Nearly 100 percent success rate in giving speech to children

  • Received ‘Platinum Women’ award for contribution towards Autism by Lady Irwin College, Delhi University, India in 2011

  • Data driven well structured curriculum with innovation resulting into high success rate even with higher age kids

  • Extensive contribution is generating awareness in the society



It is love for Special Children that has driven our vision of becoming the largest ABA Therapy provider in India. Our Team has traveled far and wide and demonstrated a willingness to work in a variety of areas that require any number of specialized skills.

We have always endeavored to share in the synergy of challenges and opportunities whenever they present themselves. In these 17 years, we have developed efficient and in-depth processes for children to track their achievements and with each child we have always aimed to provide a speedy completion of each target. Having built on decades of insight and experience, our ambition of reaching out to each and every Special Child nationwide is a dream within our grasp. That said, we would like to invite you to be with us on this special journey of fun n’ learning!



“We enrolled our daughter Saanvi with Dew Drops in early 2013 at a time when we were struggling to find a program which would bring overall development in her. Saanvi had limited understanding capabilities and virtually no speech at that time. We could see visible changes in Saanvi after first month of the program. She could imitate things and was more responsive than ever before. And finally Saanvi spoke her first words after a few months into the program. There has been no looking back since then.

Saanvi continues to thrive in the warm and accepting Dew Drops environment and is gaining confidence with time. Thank you Alpa and the entire team for making this happen.” 

—  Parents; Nidhi & Vivek

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