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About Us

Children with developmental disabilities are different, not less... At Dew Drops Child Healthcare, we believe that children are not limited by their developmental disability but because of the limiting environment and perceptions that the child or the family faces. We don't just live to change this notion regarding autism and other special needs and spread awareness, we also create sustainable and holistic methodologies for helping our specially-abled fellows to learn better.

Who are We?

Dew Drops is one of the leading organizations in India that specializes in offering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children with developmental disabilities. The unique and orchestrated early interventions at Dew Drops are developed by qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts in collaboration with other international experts. We create an environment of compassion, care, and knowledge where children with autism and special needs thrive for gaining a deeper insight into the crests and troughs of the outside world. Since the day of our inception in 2001, our journey has been a tale of inspiration and wonders. It has been no less than a pilgrimage for us!

Our Edge

  • 21 years of enriching experience in dealing with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Continuous research and development to back our research and methodologies.
  • Frequent checks are conducted to track the progress of the children.
  • Highly qualified professional team certified in ABA (BCBA), OPT, and Floor Time Global Certifications.
  • Developmental screening to identify developmental disabilities and development milestones to set attainable goals for your children.
  • Experienced teachers who can create productive behavior therapy sessions and insightful learning programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a pragmatic learning approach for children with developmental delays. With the right tools and under the expert supervision of experienced professionals, our objective is to craft infallible solutions for special children to achieve certain academic and co-curricular targets.

Our Vision

We envision a world where children with autism or other special needs reach their full potential. At Dew Drops, we thrive to empower specially- abled children and their parents to fight the condition and live with positive experiences.


We started our journey in the year 2001.

Since then, our team has had the opportunity to work with over 15000 children and so many wonderful parents. We rendered our expertise and they rendered our lives with experiences.

In these amazing 20 years, nothing has changed. Just like the first day when we started and had the skill, zeal, affection, and kindness to do something for the specially-abled children, we still have the same enthusiasm within us. The only thing that has changed is our team. Now we have more resources and there are so many wonderful people associated with Dew Drops. The journey has been a tale to cherish and we wish to continue being a part of stories till we strive!

What makes us the best?

We have a distinguished place in the field of Applied Behaviour therapy because of our commitment to excellence. With sheer dedication and unparalleled experience, we strive to do our best when it comes to early interventions and parent training. With our comprehensive learning programs that are aimed at bringing the best out of your child, we provide children with special abilities everything that they deserve to learn.

Come, get in touch with us, and discover the wonderful side hidden within your special child.