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Modes of Services


Home: One of the essential principles of early intervention of children with developmental disabilities is to bring about change within the daily routine of the child. Considering every aspect of a child or his/her parents’ inability to come to our centres for development assessment, behaviour interventions, and screening, we extend them our home-based interventions. Dew Drops’ home sessions are designed to be seamless and natural, involving multiple aspects of social interaction, playful engagement, communication, etc. as per the requirements of the child.

We offer home services in most of the major cities in India. Early intervention is known to yield favourable outcomes for the child, irrespective of the learning centre or home setting. Feel free to reach out to us for further information on home services.


Specially designed intervention sessions delivered online by a qualified and experienced therapist. When we started Dew Drops, we aimed to spread awareness about developmental disabilities in children to make early interventions possible. We felt motivated to provide therapeutic support to any child in need irrespective of the location. To make that a reality, Dew Drops has designed a multi-dimensional program that includes varied forms of behavioural and developmental intervention approaches that can be conducted across verticals, even online. While it is true that one to one interaction.

it need not have to be face-to-face physically. Our online services uphold the standard and essence of the therapies even when imparted virtually since our experts have structured them to meet the diverse needs of any child.

Learning Centres

State-of-the-art learning centres across major Indian cities equipped with all amenities and an excellent team of professionals and caregivers. Since its inception, Dew Drops has dedicated its resources and expertise to create state- of-the-art learning centres with a nurturing ambience backed by a staff of experienced behaviour therapists and caregivers. We work cohesively to offer a welcoming environment to the children as well as their parents so that we can advance together towards the desired outcome through personalized interventions.

Engagement is not limited to just therapy sessions. Dew Drops also arranges and conducts community and social events along with children-centric events like parties, carnivals, and likewise to create an ambience of love, trust, and care, backed by evidence-led knowledge and skills by professionals.