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Intervention/Evidence Based Treatment

We offer a wide variety of intervention services to cater to the needs of our family and children. Our wide panel of experts can meet all the intervention requirements. Some of these programs are:

  • Speech and language programs
  • Social emotional programs
  • Executive Functioning (planning, monitoring, decision making, abstract thinking etc)
  • Applied Academics and school curriculum
  • Motor Development Program
  • Regulation and behavior intervention
  • Comprehensive growth and development
  • Independent living program
  • Genius kids- brain stimulating and high order thinking program

Parent Empowerment

Facilitating parents as participatory change agents for child development: Creating a sustainable ecosystem of guidance and compassion at Dew Drops! At Dew Drops, we believe that every child is different. Irrespective of the labels of delays or disabilities, children have different paces of development and personalities. To address the special needs of differently-abled children, parent guidance is extremely significant. Childhood therapies accompanied with parent training can create notable differences in mitigating disability deficits in physical, adaptive, social emotional, cognitive and communicational aspects.

This is why at Dew Drops, we empower parents and educate them about the different developmental stages of their children.Reach us out for any further queries regarding parent training or any other aspect of interventions, and we would gladly lend an ear to help you come up with a learning or treatment module.

Psychological and Developmental Assessment

Help your child overcome the spectrum of developmental impairments with psychological and developmental assessment from Dew Drops. Usually, children who face developmental delays encounter challenges with limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviours. Treatment alternatives along with psychological programs can be effective, but only when the results of these programs are measurable. Psychological and developmental assessments work to track the progress of your child with special needs.

The assessments blueprints are structured to analyse how the child is responding to treatments and what can be done to make them more responsive. To help them overcome the symptoms of their neurodevelopmental disorders, our child psychiatrists at Dew Drops create a pragmatic approach for diagnosis, treatments, and assessments.

Occupational Therapy

Improve the cognitive, social, physical, and motor skills of your child with special disabilities: The professionals at Dew Drops are bridging the gap between ASD and normalcy.  Generally, to determine the severity of your child’s situation, our occupational therapists begin by evaluating several areas, including how the child: play, indulges in daily activities, learns, interacts with their environment, and cares for themselves. The evaluation process also includes steps focused on identifying the obstacles that prevent the child from participating in typical everyday activities.

Based on the analysis of the evaluation, our occupational therapist creates strategies and goals to allow the child to work on primary skills like: grooming, getting dressed, eating, fine motor skills such as coloring, writing, cutting with scissors, etc., using the bathroom and sensory interventions.

Oral Placement Therapy

The production of speech sounds and oral movement isn’t as easy as it seems. There are numerous brain processes involved in the coordination between defining what to say, and strategizing the movements essential for actually saying it. To help your child develop a strong foundation of speech skills, we create tailor-made oral placement therapies. The OPT program is for children with verbal or oral impairments related to their deficits in awareness of the verbal structure. The therapy teaches oral structural placements to children who cannot imitate or produce sounds using conventional auditory or visual input.

The OPT program is a sort of tactile proprioceptive learning strategy which accompanies traditional childhood therapies for the overall improvement of a child. With our years of experience and assistive techniques, we notice substantial differences in children who become aware of their oral structures. When children vividly follow our OPT programs, we witness subtle and substantial differences like non-verbal children making sounds and babbling, etc.


Discovering the true potential of professional counseling for children with developmental disabilities: Counselling from Dew Drops to navigate through the challenge of delayed child development. Raising a child with developmental delays can be one of the most rewarding yet taxing things. While parents find it extremely challenging to define clear, distinguishable parameters between their special child and other children, children also find it challenging to adjust to their developmental problems and societal and family pressures. In such times of hardship, counseling can be remarkably beneficial to bear the trauma and make the difficult process a bit easier.

Consultation with Experts

Every parent has superpowers, but when you have a child with developmental disabilities in your home, professional help is the best way to cope with the challenges of developmental delays. Despite what you are doing to care for your child, early intervention from the experts can play a substantial role in the successful recovery of your child from the disability symptoms. Starting from diagnosis to treatment, you need to have the words from a qualified professional by your side to back the procedures.

This is when Dew Drops can come to the rescue with expert consultation. Whether your child is in the early stage of childhood development disorders, or it’s been late, we can always be there to improve your child’s sensory and motor abilities. The ultimate aim of our professionals at Dew Drops is to inspire and guide every child to reach to their best potential. The therapies and assessments are based on enhancing functional as well as intellectual attributes, so the results are retained for long- term. Contact us for any further queries regarding your specially-abled child, and we would be more than happy to be a part of your journey.